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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are you a full time professional DJ?

A: Yes. My livelihood is dependent upon giving you more than your money's worth. I've been a full-time professional D.J. since 1991 and my business has soared over the years as a direct result of referrals from satisfied customers. I zealously protect my reputation by striving to be the best D.J. you can find.

Q: Will you still be in business on our wedding day?

A: Yes. I have a 10-year successful track record. In that time I have seen many DJ companies come and go. I often get calls from brides whose wedding is a week away, and their DJ has gone out of business or disappeared. I'll be there for you - you can count on it!

Q: Do you play requests?

A: Yes, as many as you want. It is after all, your party, your wedding - your celebration.

Q: Do you have good equipment?

A: Rather than trying to dazzle you with technical specifications, suffice to say that my sound is crystal clear at any volume level - and volume is controlled according to your tastes, not mine. I invest thousand's of dollars each year to maintain the highest quality equipment available.

Q: Can I afford you?

A: Yes. I have stuctured my rates in a way to make them both affordable and an excellent value and usually hundreds of dollars less than large DJ companies. Plus I am the only DJ that offers this amazing guarantee!

Amazing Guarantee

If you are not absolutely delighted with my services, just let me know, and you can have your money back - all of it!

Frankly, if I can't help you and your guests have a wonderful, worry-free celebration, I don't want your money.

Q: Do you have a good selection of music?

A: Absolutely! My music library consists of over 10,000 selections from the Big Band Era to the current Top 40: including Jazz, Ethnic, Motown, Dance, Rock, Latin, New Wave, Urban and Country. My music is updated weekly to always maintain your current favorites.